11th Dec2014

Summer Equity Research Program

by Oregon HOSA


Interested in research, medicine, nursing, dentistry, physician assistant, or public health?  Thinking about graduate school?

The OHSU Summer Equity Research Internship Program offers:

  • An exciting opportunity to spend eight weeks working with faculty and graduate students in a research setting.
  • Equity Interns will learn new research skills and gain hands-on lab experience.
  • Weekly seminars with fellow interns and faculty mentors
  • Scientific poster presentation of your summer research project.
  • Ongoing mentoring and advising about your individual career pathway.
  • Shadowing and Clinical experience (MD Track).
  • A paid stipend during the program.

More information can be found here: http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/about/vision/center-for-diversity-inclusion/academic-resources/internships/summer-equity-internship.cfm

Deadline: December 15, 2014

29th Sep2014

Fall Online Testing

by Oregon HOSA

HOSA provides students with the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills by participating
in competitive events. The Fall Online Testing is a competition for the written test portion only.
Round 2 (which includes the skills demonstrations) is not offered with Fall Online Testing.



*Students must be registered HOSA members to participate*

Questions?  Please contact stateadvisor@oregonhosa.org.

18th Sep2014

Oregon Leadership Institute | November 2 – 3

by Oregon HOSA

It’s game time! Get ready to LEAD LIKE A CHAMPION

The field is ready, the crowd is waiting, and now the Oregon Leadership Institute Leadership Trainers and Oregon state officers are ready to coach you to be a leadership champion! It’s going to take grit and determination, but the thrill of victory is in your grasp. Ready…set…GO!


  • Leadership achievement workshops on leadership development, communication, marketing, time management, community service, and competitive event preparation
  • Banquet – Enjoy a formal banquet while learning the “how to” of etiquette dining
  • Network with other enthusiastic CTSO members and your state officer teams
  • Receive an Oregon Leadership Certificate once you have attended OLI to use for college applications and scholarships

Oregon Leadership Institute
Date: November 2 – 3, 2014
Location: The Riverhouse Resort

OLI Registration Guide 2014 (PDF)
OLI Registration Forms 2014 (XLS)

For more information, please contact stateadvisor@oregonhosa.org

04th Sep2014

2014-2015 Affiliation Information from National HOSA

by Oregon HOSA

The annual HOSA affiliation information is now available electronically!


This link provides a summary of the many opportunities and key partnerships HOSA has to offer, including, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to the NEW National Service Project for HOSA – The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • HOSA Video Resources, including the 2014-2015 Membership Video
  • Partnership opportunities with the US Public Health Service, Medical Reserve Corps, Global Dental Relief, and more

To take advantage of these opportunities, you must be an affiliated chapter of HOSA.  AFFILIATE TODAY!

31st Aug2014

Collaboration Between LLS and OHSU Shines Light to Treating Leukemia

by Oregon HOSA

Author: Evangeline Matley

We’re well on our way to finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma. HOSA’s National Service Project partner , The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (www.lls.org) , initiated a groundbreaking collaboration with Oregon Health and Science University’s Knight Cancer Research Institute along with a handful of other top-tier medical institutions. Brian Druker, M.D., director of OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute and lead investigator of the collaboration, was featured at the AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) fundraising initiative and reception in New York City where he outlined his research proposal.

AML is devastating and sadly the most common acute leukemia among adults. This disease is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, the word “Acute” coming from its rapid progression. Less than 25% of the newly diagnosed live past 5 years, causing over 100,000 deaths every year. Surprisingly, the treatment methods have remained almost unchanged for over 30 years. Dr. Druker and his team of scientists, researchers, and doctors are more than ready to change that.

LLS has committed 8.2 million in research funding for this 3 year project ,”[the research] will involve 900 AML patients to create a profile of the molecular drivers of the disease.  As the information is gathered, researchers from four medical institutions will simultaneously test the response of patients’ leukemia cells to different targeted therapies and novel combination”. The idea of this is to provide a rapid analysis on individual genes and mutations based on an extensive set of data. The goal, however, is to put this research into use immediately using new treatments that target the patients’ leukemia more precisely.

“I believe in hope, in Dr. Druker and in LLS.” quoted Michael Copley, volunteer chair of the Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation – Beat AML campaign. Copley is among the hundreds of thousands who’ve had their life turned around by AML, losing his daughter to the disease at only 3 years old. Druker’s astounding research in the past (with significant support from LLS) has already revolutionized the treatment Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

LLS, OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute, Brian Druker’s team, and the incredible set of researchers, bio technicians, and scientists are already hard at work .This collaboration may not only pave the way to treating AML but open new doors to understanding all forms of leukemia and other cancers in hopes that one day, we will find a cure to cancer.


Source: http://community.lls.org/blog/1/entry-358-beat-aml-initiative-begins/

19th Aug2014

Chapter Grant Funding Available Now

by Oregon HOSA

The Oregon CTE Student Leadership Foundation supports Career and Technical Student Organizations, like HOSA, through the Chapter Grant program.  The purpose of this grant-in-aid is to provide funds to help Oregon’s school districts support Career Technical Student Organizations that have been chartered with the Oregon Department of Education.

Deadline: September 30, 2014

Click Here to Download Information and Application

19th Aug2014

Advisor Conference – Register today!

by Oregon HOSA

Don’t miss out on this exciting one-day advisor conference with training and content specifically for advisors!  Speakers and presenters will help you make the most of your HOSA program, tips on integrating HOSA into the classroom, HOSA competitive events, best practice and idea sharing, and much more.

NEW! An important element of the advisor conference will be information and instruction on how to access NEW GRANT DOLLARS for your chapter.

Oregon CTSO Advisor Conference
Date: Friday, September 19, 2014
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Hilton DoubleTree (Portland)

Registration is complimentary.  This event is made possible by Oregon HOSA, the Oregon Department of Education, and the Oregon CTE Student Leadership Foundation.



Questions? Please contact Danielle Tolentino Tuason at stateadvisor@oregonhosa.org.

24th Jul2014

Oregon HOSA at the 2014 National Leadership Conference!

by Oregon HOSA

by Evangeline Matley

Hello Oregon HOSA!

Last month, 7 of our members traveled to Disney’s Coronado Springs in Orlando, Florida to attend one of the biggest, most exciting events of the year, The 2014 National Leadership conference! The largest NLC in HOSA history started off with a bang as 8,400 members from all across the world- from Puerto Rico to Oregon, came together at the opening ceremony. You could just feel the energy of the room pulse as our 2014 national officers entered the stage, accompanied by none other than Mickey Mouse and friends!

Excitement high and spirit radiating, national HOSA recognized the outstanding membership increase of several states, with Washington more than doubling in size! With members like you and advocacy, Oregon HOSA is well on its way to making it to the stage. Scholarship recognition and special awards were given that night, and totaled to an impressive 55 scholarship receivers and $63,000. These members truly exemplified this year’s theme “the future starts now” with their incredible achievements reflecting hard work and dedication.

Recognition and awards aside, It was with honor that HOSA welcomed the world renowned theoretical physicist, bestselling author, popularizer of science, and futurist, Dr.Michio Kaku to our 37th annual NLC as keynote speaker. Absolutely beaming with his love for science, he captivated the audience with a truly inspirational speech on his take on tomorrow’s health care. His point of view gave HOSA a whole new spin on viewing the future of healthcare, with one of my favorite quotes “In the future, computers will be everywhere, and nowhere”. You can watch his speech and more from the 2014 NLC Grand Opening Session at the link listed at the bottom of the page.

With HOSA’s 37th annual NLC officially started, we transitioned into days spent reviewing bypoolside, exploring the different interactive workshops, and making unforgettable memories with new HOSA friends at the happiest place on earth.  A competitive feel hung in the air, perhaps even thicker than the Florida humidity! Eyes set on gold, who wouldn’t be? This however, only bonded our HOSA family closer. With pockets of time and holes in our schedules, what better way to show your support than attending one of the many exciting competitions? All throughout the week, members could view incredible member made poster presentations, cheer on newfound friends at the terminology-bee, or one of my favorites, watch as teams armed with medical knowledge battle it out at HOSA bowl!

Friday, June 27, was surely an exciting time for the future of HOSA. The 2014-15 national executive council was announced and eight (including President Hugo Quezada) out of 33 applicants were officially slated into their new positions. You can find their biographies and positions here. We are also excited to announce the official national service project for the next two years, partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.

As the last competition was finalized and Saturday rolled around, what better way to celebrate hard work then a trip to Disney World? Anxiety lingered and all were anxious to hear their placing at the awards ceremony, but surrounded by HOSA family it was easy to forget. Around every corner were enthusiastic members more than happy to make new friends, trade state pins, and maybe even take an award winning selfie! (Did I mention the NLC selfie contest)?  That night, thousands of students, family, advisors and spectators sat at the edge of their seat awaiting the final results. One by one the top placing competitors made their way to the stage to claim their medals and certificates. Oregon HOSA congratulates one of our own, Brielle McKinney of Klamath county HOSA for her astounding achievement of placing top ten in the nation for Pharmacology!

Sunday, June 29th, was bittersweet as the 2014 HOSA NLC came to end. This year’s NLC was truly an unforgettable experience, those of us who could make it this year had the time of our lives and want to share it with you! We at Oregon HOSA cannot stress how immensely important fundraising is.  It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s conference which HOSA is excited to announce will be held June of 2015 (on our own coast) at Anaheim, California!   In the spirit of this year’s theme, I encourage you to take that extra step and simply.. “Lead!”

View General Sessions


11th Jul2014

Meet Your 2014-2015 State Officers!

by Oregon HOSA

Author: Evangeline Matley

Hey Oregon HOSA!

Just over two months ago during our State leadership conference your new state officers were elected. They will be the ones who will help plan and coordinate events such as OLI as well as building and maintaining Oregon HOSA for the 2014-2015 year. Got any questions or just want to get more involved in HOSA? These guys are here for you! So who are these newly elected officers?


30th May2014

2014 Oregon HOSA State Leadership Conference, Embrace Your Destiny

by Oregon HOSA

by Tessa Ekstrom

Greetings Oregon HOSA!

Last month, ninety-nine HOSA members from all areas of Oregon traveled to Portland Oregon to participate in the joint HOSA/FCCLA State Leadership Conference (April 8-10, 2014). Several HOSA members were asked to sum up their SLC experience in 1-3 words, and their responses were “exciting, friend bonding, awesome”, “memorable experience”,  “Vision, influence, ability”.


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