15th Mar2016

State Leadership Conference: Featured Leadership Activities

by Oregon HOSA


Opening Leadership Activity: Leadership can be…HYPNO-LARIOUS!
Presented by Patrick Grady, TEAMTRI (Opening Session at 6:30 p.m.)

Get ready for Patrick’s hilariously funny, hypnosis stage show. Imagine the entertainment and laughter provided with a world-class hypnosis presentation. Participants will travel on a unique, adventurous journey through the realms of their imagination, and leave with an unforgettable and entertaining experience for all.  Patrick will educate attendees about the power of the human mind and how and why hypnosis works.  It’s bound to keep everyone captivated, amazed and thrilled as volunteers are quickly hypnotized and then put into hilarious situations where they are extraordinarily creative, animated and just plain hysterical.  Featured activity at the HOSA National Leadership Conference 2014



  • Bloodworks Health Demonstration Presented by Bloodworks
  • Pharmacy Health Demonstration Presented by Pacific University
  • Learn Biomedical Sciences with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Presented by Carlie Harris, Beaverton Health and Science School HOSA Advisor
  • Today Is A Great Day #TIAGD Presented by Curtis Haley, TEAMTRI
  • You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know Presented by Curtis Haley, TEAMTRI
  • Health Demonstration Presented by Pacific University


Donate blood and/or tour the bus and learn all about lifesaving blood!


  • American Red Cross
  • Bloodworks Northwest
  • Kaiser Permanente Northwest
  • Oregon Nurses Association
  • Pacific University
  • Project Lead the Way

Leadership Evening Activity: VIBE
Presented by Curtis Haley, TEAMTRI (7:30 – 9:30 p.m.)

HOSA & FCCLA Members!  Show off your dance skills, test your trivia knowledge, let the competitive flag fly AND meet awesome people at the next greatest thing in Leadership: VIBE. At VIBE, you have the opportunity to experience all of your favorite leadership activity elements in one room. The room has an energetic atmosphere of fun, excitement, competitiveness and comradery. Ranging from the latest dance crazes to trivia to team building stations to winning prizes, there is truly something for everyone. This is a great way to have some fun after a day of competitions…bring your excitement and energy to VIBE!


Competitive Events Open for Public Viewing

Medical Spelling, HOSA Semi-Finals and Finals

HOSA Trivia and Prizes

In between Thursday’s HOSA competitions, the audience will also have a chance to participate in HOSA Trivia and win prizes!  Be there…or be square!

01st Feb2016

Alumni Spotlight – Hong Nguyen

by Oregon HOSA

Hello-Kitty loving HOSA alumni Hong Nguyen was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. A true native to Oregon, she went to school here and has never left. She joined HOSA because she was interested in pursuing a career in the medical field. In the beginning of high school Hong was still exploring different areas, however by senior year she knew exactly what she wanted to do for college.

Hong started her HOSA journey at Benson Polytechnic High School as a freshman in 2000. The program at Benson was a perfect fit for a career minded student! “It gave me a foundation before getting to college; we learned a lot of things (i.e. medical terminology, anatomy, referencing medical journals) I don’t think a typical high school student had the chance to do” Benson’s specialized program integrated HOSA well into most of its curriculum. Hong explains the extensive hands-on experience they had in and out of the classroom; teaching CPR to students at Benson or middle school students at another location, meeting weekly with a resident at a nursing home, doing fillings on fake teeth, checking each other’s BP, the list goes on. And what better way to show off her skills but by competing at state?

State competitions were incredibly fun, showing off whose school is the best. Possibly one of the best perks was meeting so many peers from all over the state of Oregon, some of which she built long lasting friendships with to this day. Not one for playing it safe with one or two competitions, Hong went all in and made the most out of SLC as she could by competing in medical spelling, poster presentation (health career display), CPR, HOSA bowl, medical assisting, interviewing skills, job seeking skills, and some recognition event(s) (i.e. service award) and more! HOSA Bowl however was her favorite. This fast paced, competitive event not only offered well-earned bragging rights for the winners, but was incredibly fun!
Hong began working as a pharmacy intern for Fred Meyer in 2010 afterwards, graduating from OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy in 2012. She worked as a staff pharmacist up until July 2014 when she trained to become a Clinical Staff Pharmacist (CSP). One of her favorite accomplishments in her career was finally becoming a CSP. She works one on one with patients as their coach; the programs they have at Fred Meyer include Diabetes, Heart Healthy (Lipids + BP), Fitness/Nutrition/Weight Management, and Smoking Cessation. She also does Medication Therapy Management meetings with patients, etc. From time to time, you can even find her in Fred Meyer’s pharmacy ads!

Like many others, HOSA gave her direction before going to college rather than figuring out what she wanted to do or even switching majors after years of college. Hong elaborates, “Some people think they want to do something, or maybe be a doctor and once they get there, they realize it is not for them—but after they wasted a year with pre-reqs.”
Her one piece of advice to all HOSA members would be to take advantage of all the exciting, once in a lifetime opportunities HOSA offers. You are a part of an organization that not everyone has the advantage of being a part of. Reap every benefit from it that you can while you can. The education, experiences, and cherish the amazing people you meet along the way.

05th Jan2016

CTE Month Video Contest 2016

by admin

February is Career and Technical Education Month — It’s time to broadcast the value of CTE statewide in a special Public Service Announcement…and YOU are the star! This year’s theme is Opportunities for Career Success! Students are encouraged to advocate, share stories, and raise awareness about how CTE is creating opportunities for your career success. To further promote the importance of Career and Technical Education, the Oregon CTE Student Leadership Foundation is hosting a Video Contest. Show your support and pride for CTE, and demonstrate how CTE is making an impact in the lives of many students by creating a Public Service Announcement video. There are cash prizes for the winning entries! The deadline is January 19, 2016 — For more information, visit www.oregonctso.org/videocontest

31st Dec2015

Oregon CTSO Grants

by admin

Oregon CTSO Chapter Grant Applications are Now Available! Please click here to download the grant information and instructions.  When you are ready to submit your grant application, the online application can be found here: http://bit.ly/22zj0FS Please note: applications must be complete and submitted before 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, January 20. At that time the form will automatically close. Please contact grants@oregonctso.org for more information.

23rd Dec2015

Happy Holidays! From Oregon HOSA-Future Health Professionals

by Oregon HOSA

01st Oct2015

Blood Drives, BloodWorks, and YOU!

by Oregon HOSA

Just last year, delegates at HOSA’s National Leadership Conference chose the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as our nation’s service project. In full support of the cause, Oregon HOSA has made our state service project to raise awareness for the importance of blood drives and create more opportunities to get involved within schools all over Oregon.

Patients with Leukemia and Lymphoma often need blood transfusions due to the rapid destruction of oxygen carrying red-blood cells and platelets. As a result of bone marrow invasion of cancer, or of treatment such as chemotherapy, almost all leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma patients will need a blood transfusion at some point along their journey.

This is where you and your chapter come in!

Oregon HOSA is proud to announce our new partnership with Bloodworks NorthWest — A local non-profit blood bank.  Bloodworks has been providing blood for 71 years to patients across the Northwest. Bloodworks is the main blood supplier of Legacy Health and also works alongside Providence Hospital. Today they supply 55% of the blood that is used in the greater Portland area. If you are interested in getting your chapter involved with BloodWorks and hosting a blood drive, we highly recommend working with Bloodworks NW.

Hosting a blood drive is a great way to get your chapter more involved, build leadership skills, and make a significant impact in the community as well as serve an important part in contributing to patients in need right here in Oregon!  In addition, there are incentive scholarships available for your chapter if you engage in a blood drive with Bloodworks.

Now’s the best time to start planning and scheduling blood drives for the school year. To get started and receive more information, please contact our Bloodworks representative:

Andrea Chiller
Regional Director, Portland Metro Area, Donor Services
(503) 530-9253

15th Sep2015

Member Spotlight : Daisy Cano-Ruiz

by Oregon HOSA

This month, we are excited to spotlight a member of Oregon HOSA!  We will continue to spotlight Oregon HOSA members throughout the year.

Daisy Cano-Ruiz is an upcoming Junior at Willamette High School and is a part of the Willamette HOSA chapter. She’s a soft spoken, kind friend who loves to read, draw, play soccer and learn. Like many of our members, Daisy aspires to be an E.R doctor. Her plans are to hopefully attend Stanford University and partake in their pre-med program and medical schooling. Because of this, Daisy joined HOSA in 2014 to get a head start on her career path. Having competed in HOSA Bowl, Extemporaneous Health Poster, Creative Problem Solving and other various tests, she’s ready and excited for next year’s State Leadership Conference!

Upon joining HOSA, most realize that the organization brings much more to the table other than being a co-curricular association. HOSA offers many rare experiences, much support, and  valuable lifetime skills that resonate throughout one’s life. For Miss Cano-Ruiz, “HOSA has lead me on adventures that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise”. Daisy would like to help people. At the end of the day, we’re a community that relies on each other for support and help, and many of our Oregon HOSA members rise to the call. Daisy wants to make a difference in someone’s life and gain skills from that, which will help her in her future. She also wants to see her chapter make a difference in her neighborhood.

We asked Daisy…What’s your favorite HOSA memory? While working with your chapter, attending conferences, competing and mingling with other members, we all build up our stash of HOSA experiences! Competing in the 2015 HOSA Bowl was Daisy’s best memory.

Through studying and enjoying herself at SLC, Daisy was able to represent Oregon HOSA at the 2015 NLC. Lending a helping hand, she is glad to share some tips to help out all of her peers! Her advisor, Mrs. Hedberg, reminds her chapter to study. Mrs. Hedberg also hands out all the information they need to know and goes out of her way to help all of her students. Along with that, HOSA has trained Daisy to be more organized through competitive events. It’s important to understand the rules, have your supplies, and print out your event guidelines! Your event guidelines will be your best study buddy for your competitive event.

“Mrs. Hedberg inspires me because she is so dedicated to HOSA. I wouldn’t have anybody else lead our chapter.”

HOSA is a community of individuals who encourage, help and collaborate with each other to make a fulfilling society. All of our members are ready to answer the call and make a difference! Daisy Cano-Ruiz is just one face of many Oregon HOSA contributors, and we can’t wait to hear about your HOSA story!

Our final tip from Miss Cano-Ruiz:

“Try as many competitions as you can because you never know what you might win, and winning leads to Nationals, which is a blast!”

Thank you to Miss Daisy for participating in this member spotlight!


Do you want to share your HOSA story? Do you want one of your peers to be featured? Contact us at pres-elect@oregonhosa.org! Everyone brings something unique to the table and Oregon HOSA loves seeing members connect and happy! We wish you the best of luck on your HOSA journey.

30th Jul2015

2015 National Leadership Conference: Oregon HOSA’s Journey!

by Oregon HOSA

Oregon HOSA: Represent!

Hello Oregon HOSA!

As the years pass, Oregon HOSA continues to grow and improve together! This year, we had over 30 members attend the 2015 National Leadership Conference held in Anaheim, California. Compared to last year, we more than tripled the amount of representatives present at NLC. Hooray Oregon HOSA!  From June 23 to June 28, Oregon HOSA was able to spend time networking, learning, and competing, all while having a blast! With representatives from Canada and Mexico, and 8,550 HOSA members present at the Anaheim Convention Center and Hilton Anaheim, this year’s National Leadership Conference was surely the best one yet.

Oregon HOSA’s 2015 NLC Pin

Oregon HOSA was off to great start, especially after receiving our pins! Every member was excited and truly representing the spirit we Oregonians carry. At opening session, the convention center was ablaze with energy not only from our state, but from the whole nation. Opening session invigorated members due to the thrill of the 2014-2015 National Executive Council, along with keynote speaker, Dr. Sampson Davis. His book, Living and Dying in Brick City, explains his journey into the medical field and many issues seen in the medical community today. Dr. Davis was raised by a single mother in a family of six, and found himself struggling to remain cheerful and content as a teenager. One day, he and his two best friends made a promise to become doctors, and a decade later, the promise was still kept. Sampson Davis inspired all members that night to keep surging forward and to never give up. He embodies HOSA’s vision of having the ability to change others’ lives. Taking after his wonderful example, Oregon HOSA will do our best to never give up!


Benson Polytechnic High School's Chapter from Oregon HOSA was featured in this year’s NLC Program on Page 66!

With the 38th Annual National Leadership Conference commenced, the next days were spent in competition, at the HOSA expo, in educational symposiums and anywhere state pin trading could be done! Oregon HOSA members spent their time well, having loads of fun while making new friends and learning something new every day. Many members and chapters supported each other by attending showcases, watching competitions, holding study sessions and sharing materials. Oregon HOSA came together and it was amazing to see the state pride in our chapters: Benson, Health and Science, Kennedy, Madison and Willamette.

Healthcare is needed throughout the world and Oregon HOSA is ready to help out!


After round one competitions on June 25th, it was on to round two the next day! Oregon HOSA was a community of support for those who moved on and those who are ready to try again next year. Along with the excitement of competition, the buzz in the air was also for the National Officer Candidates. With 26 applicants, and each one amazing, it was difficult for Oregon HOSA to settle for just one candidate. After the second day of competition, Oregon HOSA members spent the night at the Recognition Session. National HOSA recognized the state memberships with outstanding membership increase and this year, Oregon HOSA took 2nd place with a whopping 85% growth! Coming in first was our sister state, Washington HOSA at 87% ! At the Recognition Session, the 2015-2016 National Executive council was also revealed. Oregon HOSA is excited to see what our 2015-2016 National Officers have in store for next year’s NLC!

The Expo held many cool sights. One of Oregon HOSA's favorites was the Human Lung!

After all of the hard work Oregon HOSA had done, Saturday was Disney day and all members were able to relax! The thought of competition results were the last things on members minds as everyone came together to celebrate. Hours of laughter and fun created unforgettable memories for all. Afterwards, it was time to come together for the final session: Awards Session. The much anticipated wait had finally ended. Watching the finalists appear on the screen, everyone stood by for their competitive event to come up. Oregon HOSA went wild when Ngantranh Nguyen, from Benson Polytechnic, placed in the top ten in the nation for Medical Spelling! Way to go! After a great, enthusiastic session, the HOSA Dance was the final event to end a perfect day. National Officers got down on the dance floor and many dance offs broke out, ending the night.

Members celebrated all of their hard work at Disney!

June 28th was the wistful end of the 2015 National Leadership Conference. Members were already missing California hours before they had to board their planes. This year’s NLC topped off the last and Oregon HOSA was able to strengthen its connections.  All of our hard work paid off and we can’t wait for next year’s members to share this amazing experience. As Dr. Sampson Davis eloquently words this, “You have the ability to change lives. You don’t get to give up. You do this for your advisors and parents who have supported you. And one day, your student will do the same for you.” With that, all members headed home, ready to forge their careers after their amazing week at the Home of the Happiest Place on Earth.

Our 2014-2015 National Officers kicked it off with some Oregon HOSA members before Awards Session! The start to an incredible night!

Are you ready for next year’s NLC at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee? Preparation is key! Study hard with your members to show your best at State! Also, keep in mind that fundraising for Nationals (and State) will help your wallet keep its weight. Work hard this year and it’ll truly pay off! We hope to see you next year at the 2016 National Leadership Conference!

15th Jul2015

Oregon HOSA NLC Press Release

by Oregon HOSA

Oregon HOSA Members attended the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA to take advantage of many opportunities and to be recognized! For specific information, please see the Oregon HOSA NLC Press Release.

Oregon HOSA NLC 2015 Press Release

12th May2015

Clatskanie HOSA Student Earns 2015 HOSA Scholarship!

by Oregon HOSA

An Oregon HOSA student was chosen from a pool of 750 applicants to receive one of 60 scholarships available through HOSA’s scholarship program this year. Colten Puzey from Clatskanie HOSA earned a $500 scholarship sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. Scholarship winners will be recognized at the Opening General Session of the 2015 National Leadership Conference.

Congratulations, Colten!

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