09th Apr2015

Competitive Event Schedules

by Oregon HOSA

To view the most up to date version of the competitive event schedules, visit this link:


Managing Conflicts

There may be conflicts between different competitive events.  We recommend the following for competitors with conflicts:

  • If possible, try to switch time slots with members of your own chapter to make your schedule work.
  • Be certain to keep your appointment times for HOSA Bowl and Medical Spelling, as these cannot change.
  • If you still have conflicts, please report to your competitive event at the very beginning of the competition and work with the Event Facilitator to see if they can help you manage your conflict.
  • Conflicts should only be managed if your competition conflicts with another competition.  We cannot accommodate changes for other personal commitments.  You may manage personal conflicts within your own chapter, but do not expect Event Facilitators to change the schedule due to commitments outside of HOSA.

Schedule Changes

If you plan to make any changes (like switching places with another competitor or dropping an event), please report these to stateadvisor@oregonhosa.org so that we can update our master schedules.


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